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  • Mattel Lead Paint Class Action Valued at Over $58 Million
  • General Mills Case of $35 Million
  • $9 Million for a recent Auto Accident with Brain Injury

Below we share a sampling of some of the major cases and successful verdicts and settlements we have achieved. There are many more, but these are provided to give you a feel for our case experience and abilities. Note that every case and situation is different, and your case results could vary. However, we always apply our full effort and resources to achieving the highest and best results for our clients.  Many cases are settled with confidentiality agreements several being at our client’s request protecting our clients from public disclosure of sums they have received.  The total of these settlements is in the tens of millions of dollars.  Thank you for visiting our site and learning about our experience. 


$550,000 Verdict-  for a dump truck hitting a passenger vehicle in Miami-Dade County

$3,200,000 Verdict- Wrongful Death arising from an auto accident 

Verdict for son whose mother was killed in an auto accident. In this case, a young mother was t-boned and hit broadside by the defendant’s truck.
$2,500,000 Settlement – Motorcycle Accident  

Our client was riding his motorcycle when he was cut-off by Defendant while attempting to make a turn across the highway. Our client had the lower portion of his leg amputated as a result of this accident. 

$2,000,000 Settlement – Auto Accident/Wrongful Death  

Our client was crossing a parking lot entrance when Defendant struck her bicycle. Plaintiff died as a result of her injuries.

$1,850,000 Verdict-Auto Accident 

A 42 year old man was involved in an automobile accident when the Defendant ran a stop sign. In the accident his seatbelt severed his carotid artery.

$1,350,000 Settlement – Auto Accident 

Our client was traveling on a two (2) lane highway, when Defendant cut in front of her while attempting to turn. Our client’s vehicle flipped, requiring Jaws of Life and Trauma Hawk. She sustained severe bodily injury, including brain damage. 

$1,100,000 Settlement – Auto Accident 

A father sustained serious injuries in a head-on-collision. The defendant was attempting to pass on a two-lane bridge and hit our client head on. As a result of the accident the father severely injured his ankle and endured several surgeries. Our client had to have ankle fusion surgery. He also lost his job as an assistant manager of a large retail chain. This amount represents all the automobile liability coverage available to the plaintiff 

$700,000 – Settlement – Auto Accident 

Vehicle pulled over to side of road when hit by truck. 

$259,000 Verdict – Auto Accident 

Defendant offered $100,000 only days before trial. It was declined. 


$540,000 Verdict – Florida Statute §1983 Violation 

Stopped motorist was shot and killed by deputy sheriff during an altercation.   

$150,000 Settlement – Florida Statute §1983 Violation 

Our client was falsely arrested and imprisoned for two months. 

$74,500 Verdict – Excessive Force 

Sheriff’s deputies attacked an off duty corrections officer. 


$1,027,000 Verdict – Medical Malpractice for Failure to Diagnose 

A Florida teenager was rushed to the hospital for groin pain and was misdiagnosed by the emergency room physician as having a testicular infection. The doctor misdiagnosed the true injury which was a testicular torsion and he only had hours to appropriately diagnose and treat the torsion. Due to the misdiagnosis, the boy was sent home and ultimately lost one testicle. The jury awarded the plaintiff $900,000 in pain and suffering. The balance of the verdict was for medical expenses and court costs.


$250,000 Settlement – Insurance Coverage Dispute 

Insurer refused to defend its insured based on a policy provision we successfully argued was void as against public policy.  Insurance company paid $250,000 and changes the  provision. 

$800,000 Settlement – Pedestrian Auto Accident & Insurance Bad Faith 

The plaintiff was walking through a parking lot when the defendant pulled out of a parking space, striking other cars in the parking lot and causing the plaintiff to be caught between two cars. The plaintiff suffered multiple fractures and underwent surgery. Even though there was only $350,000 worth of insurance coverage, due to bad faith handling of the claim by the defendants’ insurance carrier, that insurance carrier paid an additional $450,000 over the policy limits to settle the claim. 


$1,000,000 Verdict – Negligent Security and Assault 

This case involves a 21 year-old man who had just moved down to South Florida from Syracuse, New York. He was living with some friends in Boca Raton. They went out to a bar when a disagreement broke out between our client’s friends and some other people. The bouncers came over and decided to throw Collin out of the bar. When Collin was being physically shoved out by the bouncer, he turned to ask what he did and was met with a fist to his face. This bouncer knocked three of Collin’s teeth out. The oral surgeon testified that he would need a bone grafted from his hip to repair his jaw where it was permanently damaged. 

$750,000 Settlement – Slip and Fall 

The plaintiff was walking through a cafeteria with a friend for lunch when she slipped on a small puddle of grease. As a result of the accident she underwent major cervical surgery. 

$275,000 Settlement – Pool Accident 

A private school/day camp encouraged and allowed a 4½ year old girl to go onto a 10- foot diving board. She fell off the side onto the concrete below. Her arm broke the fall and she sustained a broken arm and lost some teeth. She recovered with no residual effects and her permanent teeth replaced the baby teeth she lost. Her lower lip/chin area will have a permanent scar as a result of the incident. It is inexplicable to everyone why these camp counselors allowed a child that age to go onto a diving board. This case settled on the eve of trial. 

$185,000 Settlement- Premises Liability/ Negligent 

Our client suffered injuries when she was attacked in the parking lot of a drug store in West Palm Beach, Florida. The assailant grabbed her purse, hit her in the face with his car door, and knocked her to her knees. He then proceeded to back up quickly to exit the parking lot, running her over in the process. The drug store had a responsibility to provide safe premises for customers, and our client was put in an unreasonable, dangerous situation as a result of the negligence of the defendant. Prior to going to trial, our attorneys settled this case for $185,000.

$180,500 Verdict – Premises Liability 

This was a trial verdict received in July of 2007. It involved a worker at a cleaners in Boca Raton. After an argument over the sufficiency of the cleaning of the clothes, the delivery man took the clothes to be redone and knocked over the 72 year old plaintiff on his way out, breaking his upper arm.


$3,900,000 Combined Settlements – Victims of Child Abuse 

Preschool teachers at the Early Child Center of a prestigious church in the Sarasota area were physically abusing children over a long period of time. Abuse included slamming children to the ground, force-feeding them, and embarrassing them. A school administrator who was told of the abuse by a teacher’s aide declined to act. It was uncovered that the administrator told the aide to keep quiet.  

$225,000.00 Settlement-Abuse at a Day Care Center in Pensacola 

A three-year old preschool student was physically abused by her teacher, causing a brain injury. The accused teacher had a history of violent behavior, as the school knew of the abuse but failed to remove the teacher from the classroom.  The child’s teacher was arrested and pled guilty.

$200,000 Settlement – Abuse of Special Needs Student 

The personal injury and abuse law firm of Balkan & Patterson successfully secured a settlement of $200,000 for a family whose child was physically abused by his kindergarten teacher at Lee County, FL. The child, whose name and age are withheld to maintain privacy, is a low functioning, non-verbal special needs student with very limited abilities to communicate. His teacher subjected him to physical violence and abuse, and our investigation uncovered the teacher’s checkered history, which showed she was unfit to teach these children.



Private charter plane crash leaving a recently married woman a widow.

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