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$1,000,000 Verdict – Negligent Security and Assault
This case involves a young man named Collin Oliver had just moved down to South Florida from Syracuse, New York. He was living with some friends in Boca Raton. They went out to a bar called the Have A Nice Day Café when a disagreement broke out between Collin’s friends and some other people. Collin was actually playing the peacemaker. The bouncers came over and decided to throw Collin out of the bar. When Collin was pushed out by the bouncer, he turned to ask what he did and was struck in the face by the bouncer. This bouncer knocked three of Collin’s teeth out. The oral surgeon testified that he would need a bone grafted from his hip to repair his jaw where it was permanently damaged. The jury awarded $1 million.

$1,000,000 – Settlement, Premises Liability
The facts of this case are confidential.

$1,000,000 – Settlement, Slip and Fall
Our client fell on account of debris on the floor. The fall left our client with a permanent condition, Reflex sympathetic dystrophy, also known as RSD. The case settled for $1,000,000. Additional facts of this case are confidential.

$750,000 Settlement – Slip and Fall
The plaintiff was walking through a cafeteria with a friend for lunch when she slipped on a small puddle of grease. As a result of the accident she underwent major cervical surgery.

Confidential Settlement, Trip and Fall
The law firm of Balkan & Patterson achieved a settlement for an elderly client who was severely injured after tripping and falling at the Station House Restaurant in Lantana. Then age 82, the client was dining with family when she tripped on a ramp that was shown to be in violation of code regulations and virtually hidden from view with improper carpeting. She suffered a broken elbow that required surgery and extensive rehabilitation. As a result of our case, the code regulations were amended to prevent future injury. Balkan & Patterson went to trial with our client, and the defendant settled the case during trial to avoid a jury verdict.

$185,000 Settlement – Premises Liability / Negligent
Security in this case, our client suffered injuries when she was attacked in the parking lot of a drug store in West Palm Beach, Florida. The assailant grabbed her purse, hit her in the face with his car door, and knocked her to her knees. He then proceeded to back up quickly to exit the parking lot, running her over in the process. The drug store had a responsibility to provide safe premises for customers, and our client was put in an unreasonable, dangerous situation as a result of the negligence of the defendant. Prior to going to trial, our attorneys settled this case for $185,000.

$180,500 Verdict – Premises Liability
This case involved an elderly man recovering from a heart attack and a worker at a dry cleaning store in Boca Raton. After an argument over the sufficiency of the cleaning of the clothes, the deliveryman took the clothes to be redone and knocked over the 75-year-old plaintiff on his way out, breaking his upper arm.