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Autism Special Needs Student Abuse | Other Personal Injury Practice Areas

The attorneys of Balkan, Patterson & Charbonnet have achieved successful verdicts and settlements in many different types of cases, including autism special needs student abuse and abuse of children with autism or special needs. To meet the needs of our clients and the evolving legal system, our firm also provides highly skilled legal representation in the areas of:

  • Child Abuse, Autism Abuse & Special Needs Abuse – This type of abuse is often committed by people the child knows, trusts and depends on, such as a relative, teacher, caregiver or a staff person. Perpetrators often choose victims who are vulnerable and unlikely to speak up, or if they do tell, no one will believe them. Our attorneys are experienced in helping the families of children with autism or special needs who have been abused in school by their teacher or another school employee. This type of abuse is one of our special practice areas, and our Boca Raton and Broward County attorneys are dedicated to providing the best legal services possible to families who have suffered abuse of their autistic or special needs child.
  • Commercial Litigation – The firm’s commercial litigation practice encompasses all aspects of commercial relationships, including disputes involving the Uniform Commercial Code, contracts, business dissolutions, leveraged buyouts and other financial arrangements.
  • Medical Malpractice – Medical malpractice occurs when healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, hospitals, nursing homes) fail to act reasonably, or do something that a reasonable healthcare provider would not do under similar circumstances. Such tragedies may occur as a result of a failure to diagnose or an incorrect diagnosis, a mistake during a procedure, a birth injury or a medication error leaving the patient with permanent and irreversible injuries.
  • Misfilled Prescription & Pharmacy Errors – Misfilled prescriptions occur when a pharmacy gives a patient the incorrect prescription medication. This causes someone to take the wrong medication, which can cause serious illness, injury, disability or even wrongful death. Whether it happens in a locally owned pharmacy or one of the huge national pharmacy chains, the negligent party is responsible.
  • Nursing Home Abuse – Unfortunately, nursing home negligence and abuse frequently occurs and can occur by allowing pressure sores to develop, failing to provide proper hygienic care, applying physical restraints unnecessarily, improper medicating of patients, failure to monitor nutrition, and physically or sexually abusing patients.
  • Premises Liability – These cases can include negligent security, slip and falls and more. Many times business and property owners do not correct dangerous conditions and practices that could have prevented harmful incidents.
  • Securities Fraud & Investment Losses Litigation – Our law firm handles securities losses & investment fraud lawsuits dealing with losses of more than $100,000.

Our Boca Raton attorneys represent clients in the purchase or sale of their residential real estate in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Balkan & Patterson is a certified title agency with Fidelity National Title Group and Chicago Title Insurance Company, providing Owners and Lenders title insurance for their clients. 

 Whether it is your first home, or an investment property, purchasing and selling can be a stressful and emotional time. Balkan, Patterson & Charbonnet represent their clients for the entire real estate transaction, from reviewing and signing a contract, to sitting at the table with their clients the day of closing.

While these practice areas are diverse, they do have several things in common. When someone becomes a victim of these types of situations, they require an attorney with the experience, resources and tenacity to stand up and successfully represent their best interests. The law firm of Balkan, Patterson & Charbonnet are zealously committed to helping clients receive the best possible verdict or settlement.

If you have a legal question, or require representation, call our Boca Raton and South Florida attorneys at (561) 750-9191 or click here to contact us.