John B. Patterson

In March of 2021, our law firm lost a fantastic lawyer and partner, John Patterson. He was loyal to his friends and a devoted husband and father. The community — and our clients — benefited from his knowledge and caring. His work ethic was second to none – even when he was battling cancer. He would receive treatment in the morning and be in the office that afternoon.

John left no stone unturned when working for clients, and never ever took shortcuts. His ethics and moral compass were unmatched. His diligence and preparation for each case and trial resulted in exceptional results and many awards during his successful career.

Many of us met John almost thirty years ago when we started law school together. If you were his friend, and many people could consider themselves his friend, there is nothing he would not do for you. No favor would be refused no ask was too much.

John was very proud of his family, and relished his role as a father. While he lost his fight with a horrible disease, he was a winner in every way. He is and will always be remembered for the ethical, respectful and respected, hard-working, and kind man that he was. He is greatly missed, and he is resting in peace, no doubt in a golden courtroom!