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Abuse in Schools, Autism Abuse Cases | Boca Raton Law Firm

The autism abuse attorneys of the Boca Raton and Broward County-based law firm of Balkan & Patterson are experienced in helping families of autistic and special needs children who have suffered abuse in school.

$3,700,000 Combined Settlements – Victims of Child Abuse
Preschool teachers at the Early Child Center of a prestigious church in the Sarasota area were physically abusing children over a long period of time. Abuse included slamming children to the ground, force-feeding them, embarrassing them, etcetera. A school administrator who was told of the abuse by a teacher’s aide declined to act, and told the aide to keep quiet. Multiple families have come forth and there may still be more children yet unidentified who were abused as well, so final settlement is still pending as of early 2008. We estimate the total settlement of these cases to be approximately $3.7 million. The school has since been closed down as a result of our findings.

$225,000 Settlement – Abuse of Special Needs Preschool Student
We were successful in obtaining a $225,000 settlement on behalf of a three-year-old preschool student and their family. The plaintiff was grabbed violently by their arm by the teacher causing marks, which were caught on video. The child’s teacher was arrested and pled guilty. The child’s teacher had prior incidents, although none of them were as significant in comparison to what happened with our client.

$200,000 Settlement – Abuse of Special Needs Student
The personal injury and abuse law firm of Balkan & Patterson successfully secured a settlement of $200,000 for a family whose child was physically abused by his kindergarten teacher at Gulf Elementary School in Lee County, FL. The child, whose name and age are withheld to maintain privacy, is a low functioning, non-verbal special needs student with very limited abilities to communicate. His teacher, Catherine Hile, subjected him to physical violence and abuse, and our investigation uncovered Hile’s history, which showed she was unfit to teach these children.

Confidential Settlement – Abuse of Special Needs Student
A behavioral analyst at a Port St. Lucie elementary school, improperly restrained and abused our client, a young special needs student. The amount of the settlement and additional details of this case are confidential