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Settlement Approved in MEGA Brands Class Action Lawsuit; Attorneys Balkan & Patterson Members of Plaintiff Counsel in Case

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Boca Raton, FL – Consumers who purchased a MEGA Brands magnet toy could be eligible for a cash payment as a result of a class action settlement against MEGA Brands, Inc., MEGA Brands America, Inc., and Target Corporation, collectively referred to as MEGA Brands.

Attorneys with the law firm of Balkan & Patterson were members of the plaintiff counsel in the case, Berry and Doering v. Mega Brands, Inc., et al. The settlement has been approved in the United States District Court for the District Of New Jersey.

If since September 2003, you purchased or received a MEGA Brands Magnet Toy, you may be eligible to receive a cash payment from a class action settlement.

The toys included in the lawsuit are considered dangerous products and can be deadly. The lawsuit alleged MEGA Brands’ children’s Magnet Toys are defective as they contain small magnets that may be become loose, according to the MEGA Brands Magnet Toy Class Action Settlement notice.

The MEGA Brands Magnet Toy class action lawsuit settlement reportedly includes, unless otherwise excluded, all persons who purchased or received one or more MEGA Brands magnet toys listed on Exhibits A, B and C of the class action settlement notice from September 2003 to the present.

The list of toys involved in the class action lawsuit include the following groups: Magnimals, Magtastik, Magtastik, Magnetix, Magnaman, Magna-Wheels, Magnaworld, Magna-Bugs, Magna-Saurs, Magnalogs, iCoaster/iPark, Magna-Formers, Spheron, Magna-Bones and Mag-Warriors.

Class members who returned one or more MEGA brands recalled toys as part of a recall program may be eligible to receive $5 for each MEGA brands recalled toy returned, up to a total of three toys. Class members who have a receipt or some other document that shows the price paid for a magnet toy (store receipts, credit cards receipts or record of purchase) may be eligible for a full cash refund.  Class members who have something showing that they had a Magnet Toy may be eligible for a full cash refund of the suggested list price (up to 3 toys).  Class members who have a toy part or toy parts but are unable to match to a specific toy or toys listed on Exhibit C may be eligible for payment based on the weight of the toy part. Class members who don’t have any proof that they bought or had a Magnet Toy may be eligible to receive $10 per toy if they submit a declaration affirming that they purchased or acquired one or more of the affected toys.

For more information on the MEGA Brands Magnet Toy class action settlement, visit the Berry and Doering v. Mega Brands, Inc., et al class action settlement website at or

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